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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Van Gogh exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada over Summer Months

Photo courtesy of The Globe and Mail. To read the inspirational article go to
I imagine van Gogh on his scooter today
Getting out of downtown traffic.
To the country he is rushing
To snap away for the National Geographic.

All those close-ups of sunflowers, insects and trees
With his camera he could have taken.
But a painter he was, so he painted instead.
And his artistry isn't forsaken.

Go to Ottawa soon; you will see for yourselves
Forty paintings that could have been photos.
As for those "painting" digital pictures these days,
Hope they learn from old frescoes in grottos.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mancini's Man City Conquer English Premier League (May 13, 2012)

Graphic design by Lana S.   Photo courtesy of

Man City have won it!
This FC of mood swings,
Capricious strikers, and
Suffering fans.
From tears of sadness
To tears of glory
In only five minutes,
Like in a trance.

To make something happen
You VENI somewhere;
To know if you are up to the test;
You VICI, just like Roberto Mancini.
Psychology matters.
Let's learn from the best!

Bigfoot's DNA

Photo courtesy of AP Photo/ To read the inspirational article go to

Scientists stated today
They will check DNA
To agree whether Bigfoot exists
Yay or nay.

They will analyze blood.
They will sift through some hair.
They will look at some things
Someone chewed on somewhere.

But whatever they find
In that DNA,
Life will not be contained, and
Life will find the way.*

*The author wishes to thank Michael Crichton and Jurassic Park script writers for the final two lines.